We Bridge Concert – Day 1 at Mandalay Bay Events Center

We Bridge Concert - Day 1 Tickets

Michelob ULTRA Arena At Mandalay Bay | Las Vegas, Nevada

We Bridge Concert - Day 1

When the hugely anticipated We Bridge Concert - Day 1 festival returns to the world-famous Michelob ULTRA Arena At Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday 26th April 2024, will you be there? If not, then you are missing out on the thrilling festival which will leave fans and music lovers blown away. Even if you have never been to a festival before, this show from this incredibly popular festival means that anyone who attends is in for an unforgettable time, with some even calling it the “most anticipated music festival taking place in the last decade!”. With some incredible talent on stage, delivering unsurpassed passion, and unrelenting commitment from the minute they step on stage, your mind will be blown. If you adore live music and want to experience an unforgettable festival, then you can’t afford to miss out. Click the Buy Tickets button below to secure your tickets now!

This April the one and only We Bridge Concert - Day 1 will make an epic return in Las Vegas, drawing local and traveling melomaniacs from all around the country. Michelob ULTRA Arena At Mandalay Bay will host the hip festival, and most certainly will do its best to make the event unforgettable. The patrons can enjoy a lineup full of leading musicians who will make the crowd moving and wowing by delivering their biggest hits, all this enhanced by the clean sightlines, wild light shows and mind-blowing installations. What’s more, the picture of a music paradise is completed by the booming sound systems delivering each beat directly to your bloodstream. In conclusion - every detail in the venue is carefully selected to bring the guests nothing but thrill and joy. Explore all of them personally by booking your ticket now and create lifetime memories with your closest peers!

We Bridge Concert - Day 1 at Michelob ULTRA Arena At Mandalay Bay

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